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“I think if things aren’t on the Internet, they’re being ignored, even by scholars.” —Gene DeAnna, head of the recorded-sound section, Library of Congress.

It has become essential today to maintain a Web presence, for individuals as much as for institutions. If you are a writer, an artist, a photographer, an architect, a musician, a composer, an actor, it is equally crucial, even if you have “arrived.” Journalists, scholars, potential clients, and the general public need a basic address where they can find samples of your work and accurate information about it and yourself. Unlike a newspaper article or a Wikipedia entry, you control the data on the site and how it is presented.

I create Web sites, as part of my work as a writer, photographer, and designer. During my thirteen years experience building sites, first as teaching tools, then as a vehicle for a reference work, then to represent my businesses as an art dealer and a photographer, and finally for the online arts magazines I now maintain, I have learned that the creation of a Web site goes far beyond the skills of a mere Web designer. Text must be written and structured. It must be put together with images and elements of design to create an appealing and easily navigable unit, which will drawn visitors into your message.

I begin with data, the written word, and images and forge them into a message, which can be placed on the Web for your audience to see. The vehicle I use is primarily WordPress, which provides the best balance of technological infrastructure, design, and ease of use. The latter is very important if you, the client are going to be in charge of your data!

I do most of the work myself, but if there is some technical requirement that requires special skills, I work with a team of freelance specialists—graphic designers and programmers—who can provide whatever you need. I also provide photographic services, if needed.

I specialize in the arts: dealer and collection catalogues, exhibition sites, sites for artists, photographers, musicians and actors, playwrights and authors, but I am open to most projects.

I also provide SEO services and maintenance after your site has been launched.

My latest site: Katherine Porter, Artist

Contact me today to discuss your project through this site,

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