Michael Miller: Playwright, Librettist, Novelist, Editor, Translator, Photographer, and Curator

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Creative writing: plays, libretti, fiction

Research and critical writing on theater, classical music, opera, art, photography, literature, and travel.

Editing: articles, lectures, and books on the arts, history, fiction, travel, languages, religion, the Classics. I specialize in perfecting English texts by non-native speaking journalists, writers, artists, and academics.

Translations from and into French, German, Italian and English; from Ancient Greek and Latin, specializing in literary texts.

Photography: events in the arts, theater, artwork, landscape, architecture, the urban environment, objets trouvés,

Organization of exhibitions and consultation with collectors in European and American paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs.

Web site creation: design, writing, editing, illustration, and maintenance (WordPress, tumblr, and html).


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Midi (Medea), composer Lewis Spratlan (2016)


Lenz’s Melancholia, solo version

Leonard and Bud (2018), a play in one act

Transfiguration, a solo play (2018), awarded Best One-Man Drama at the United Solo Festival, 2018

All Souls, a comedy in three acts (2018)

The Last Boy, a short tragicomedy in verse (2014)


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Than I to Hercules — novel

The Blue Boy — novel (in progress)

The Scarf — novella

“Cox and Candle” — short story

“Elizabeth” — short story

“Transfiguration” — short story


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Best One-Man Drama, United Solo Festival, 2018, for Transfiguration, Gary Hilborn, actor

Curriculum Vitae

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2011 to present, Principal, The Arts Press: arts organization producing new and classic plays, concerts, and exhibitions, fiscally sponsored by  Fractured Atlas; parent organization of New York Arts and, Hudson-Housatonic Arts, publishing articles, interviews and reviews about the arts/

2011 to present, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, New York Arts

2009, Literary Advisor, United Solo Theatre Festival, New York City

2007 to present, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher, Hudson-Housatonic Arts, formerly The Berkshire Review for the Arts

2000 to present, Principal, Michael Miller Old Master Drawings

2008, spring, Williams College, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics: second semester beginning Latin

2006 fall, The Barfield School: Vision, Style, and the Development of Consciousness in Western Art: online course for MA candidates

2006-07, Music and Art Editor, Berkshire Fine Arts

2002-05, The New School (online starting in 2004): history of the English language : 1. The English Language from Vindolanda to Shakespeare 2. From Shakespeare to Joyce 3. From Beowulf to Joyce; Society and Language in the Plays of Shakespeare and Jonson

2004, Williams College, Master Drawings, Winter Studies Program » Read the rest of this entry «

Publications and Lectures

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“Awakening the Sleeping Eloquence,” an Introduction to George Tice, Lifework, forthcoming

Revised entry on “American Operatic Institutions from 1930 to the Present” in The Grove Dictionary of American Music, second edition, forthcoming.

Leonard Freed: The Italians, Introductory Essay, Quantuck Lane Press (W. W. Norton)/Io amo l’Italia, Admira Editrice, October, 2011.

“Concert Opera Today in the Northeastern United States: a Survey and a Balance Sheet,” North American Opera Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2010, pp. 22 ff.

Classical music, art, book, and theater reviews, travel and food articles in New York Arts, April 2011 to present

Classical music reviews, Boston Musical Intelligencer, 2010 to present

Classical music, art, book, and theater reviews, travel and food articles in The Berkshire Review, an International Journal for the Arts, October 2007 to present

Classical music, art, and theater reviews in Berkshire Fine Arts, 2006-07

Claude Lorrain Landscape Drawings from the British Museum at the Clark Art Institute, Berkshire Review for the Arts, 2/18/07

Two Studies by Perino del Vaga for Castel Sant’Angelo,” Festschrift Konrad Oberhuber, Milan, 2000

Reflections on Two Art Exhibitions in NYC,” Threshold, 1.1, 2000

Review of Fuseli to Menzel: Drawings and Watercolors of the Age of Goethe, exh. cat. by Hinrich Sieveking, Drawing, Winter 1998-9

Drawing Materials and Drawing Techniques, a comprehensive reference site on the Web

Wyndham Lewis’ Figures,” Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin, 1993

Alcune Cose in Siena Non Degne di Memoria – Baldassare Peruzzi’s Beginnings,” Bulletin of the Allen Memorial Art Museum (spring 1993)

Review of Rosso Fiorentino Drawings, Prints, Decorative Arts, exh. cat by Eugene A. Carroll, Master Drawings, 30. 1 (1992)

A Madonna and Child from Pintoricchio’s Sienese Period in the Cleveland Museum of Art,” Cleveland Museum of Art Bulletin, 78 (December 1991) » Read the rest of this entry «

Professional Affiliations

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Member, The Dramatist’s Guild of America

Member, AICA-USA, Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art

Web Site Creation

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“I think if things aren’t on the Internet, they’re being ignored, even by scholars.” —Gene DeAnna, head of the recorded-sound section, Library of Congress.

It has become essential today to maintain a Web presence, for individuals as much as for institutions. If you are a writer, an artist, a photographer, an architect, a musician, a composer, an actor, it is equally crucial, even if you have “arrived.” Journalists, scholars, potential clients, and the general public need a basic address where they can find samples of your work and accurate information about it and yourself. Unlike a newspaper article or a Wikipedia entry, you control the data on the site and how it is presented. » Read the rest of this entry «